FPS Game

A multiplayer first person shooter I am developing in Unity.

The game uses Unity's physically based shading, global illumination and postprocessing systems. I have extended Unity's renderer to improve performance and add extra effects:

  • Deferred decals, normal mapped and rendered with instancing
  • Static shadow maps for areas outside the shadow distance
  • Custom sky shader to support randomising weather modes
  • Weapon / character camo shader with support for instancing

I have also implemented a large amount of gameplay scripting for character movement, gunplay, game mode logic, random weather effects, and enemy bot behaviour and navmesh pathfinding.

I am planning to release the game later this year using Unity's WebGL platform.

Project Details

Type: Hobby project

Date: Ongoing

Platform: Mac, Linux, Windows, WebGL

Languages: C++, C#, Unity ShaderLab

Technology: Unity