Gatling Game Engine

Gatling is a custom game engine built from scratch by myself and two other university students for our masters group project.

I was responsible for many low-level and rendering features. The work I completed included:

  • Physically based sky rendering, based on [Brunteon08]
  • Deferred shading, with microfacet specular and volumetric fog
  • Procedural terrain generation and tessellated rendering
  • Cascaded shadow mapping with 7x7 PCF and smooth cascade transitions
  • Tessellated water rendering
  • Ambient occlusion sampling from a scene heightfield
  • Math library, including vectors, matrices, quaternions and colours
  • Resource import pipeline, converting source assets to custom binary files
  • Scene and prefab serialisation and deserialisation
  • GameObject & components system, with support for custom component types

I also helped to integrate the OpenVR library with the engine, enabling support for the university HTC Vive VR headsets.

Red Kite Award for Games Technology

Our team demonstrated this project at the 2018 Game Republic Student Showcase and won first prize for game technology.

Project Details

Type: University group project

Date: 2017 - 2018

Platform: Windows

Languages: C++, GLSL

Technology: OpenGL 4.5

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