Voxelised Shadows

An application that renders high quality precomputed shadows in an outdoor scene.

Precomputed shadows are stored in a compressed voxel octree structure, sampled in real time and merged with dynamic cascaded shadow maps for moving windmills and vehicles. The resulting shadows are better quality than traditional shadow maps, with a lower computational cost.

I completed this project for my Computer Science third year individual research project. It is based on “Precomputed Compact Voxelised Shadows” by Sintorn et al (ACM Siggraph 2014).

Red Kite Award for Games Technology

I demonstrated my project at the 2017 Game Republic Student Showcase and won first prize for game technology.

Project Details

Type: University individual project

Date: January - June 2017

Platform: Mac, Linux

Languages: C++, GLSL

Technology: OpenGL 4 Core, Qt

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